Welcome to Bee Crossing

   Bee crossing was a community built labor of volunteers and contributors alike. Established as an Eagle Project made to serve the community, Bee Crossing focused on three key items: education, safety, and community. In addition to this, all action towards this project was done with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in mind. In specific, SDG Goal 15, Life on Land.

   The plaques on all the posts were made to educate. These plaques serve mainly to teach youth about our environment and its local wonders, but never too old to learn something new! They were graciously contributed by Smart Garden Signs, find them at smartgardensigns.com

   The solar LEDs are used to provide safety at night. They are motion sensitive and reliant only on solar power. This sustainable source of energy promotes a healthier environment through the reduction of carbon emissions.

   A sense of identity for the community was created by naming the trail, Bee Crossing. This name was suggested and voted on by the community itself. The dream is to let this project be the first of many projects for this community. We also established ourselves on Facebook and a legacy volunteer group called Friends of Bee Crossing. If you’d like to join Friends of Bee Crossing visit our website at beecrossing.org

   This Eagle Project was led by Nuruddin Abdul-Rashid of Crew 114. An alumnus of Herndon Elementary School, he partnered up with several others to make this project a reality. Nuruddin would like to personally thank Jaime Graham for her guidance, hard work, and unwavering support. Additional special thanks to Elaine Tholen, and all other outstanding members of the community that worked around the clock to ensure this project. Thank you!

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