Gray Squirrel

The Eastern Gray Squirrel, or Sciurus Carolinensis, is an herbivorous mammal that enjoys acorns and seeds.

Native to eastern North America, the Gray Squirrel is a rodent that possesses high spatial awareness and mobility. Like most rodents, the Gray Squirrel also has continuous growing pairs of incisor teeth that are sometimes called “buck teeth”. These teeth keep growing so that they can gnaw away on tough material like nuts and acorns.

Gray Squirrels like to build their dens in branches or in the hollows of trees. Baby squirrels are born hairless and pink with a weight between 13-18 grams (that’s lighter than a AA battery). They can also have up to seven other siblings in their litter. They grow into adults after 8 to 9 months.

They’ll eat plenty of plant materials such as nuts, seeds, acorns, walnuts, hazelnuts, berries, and more. Occasionally eat insects and other small animals for nutritional needs.

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